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Does UUFB feature block arp learning?

We have the requirement of blocking unknown unicast flooding on some switchports and mainly on a specific vlan.

Main reason of this unicast flooding is the usage of Microsoft NLB technology in Unicast mode: NLB setting cannot be changed or anyway no changes can be performed on the server side because over the next months service running on those servers will not use NLB anymore.

Anyway we have the requirement of dropping this unicast flooding on some specific switchports which are not interested for this kind of traffic.

I was considering the option of using UUFB feature that can be implemented per port. Anyway the doc available is not detailing in deep how this feature is working.

Questions are:

- configuring UUFB on a switchport, is the arp learning blocked?

- configuring UUFB on a switchport, are there any specific mac-addresses always allowed?

- configuring UUFB on a switchport, are L2 broadcast or multicast frame blocked as well?


Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Carmine Romano

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