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Dongle does not appear to function after vlanning


I have/had a flat network. I inherited a network that was basically all catalyst switches/edge devices that all clients,servers etc plugged into the switch NO vlanning and network is 16 bit. I recently purchased a core 4507

And I am vlanning clients into their only vlan where i will setup printers on this vlan with static ip's and client pc's will pick up ip's via dhcp. I created several vlans for wireless for several different securities and dsl into the mix. and lost but not least i created a server vlan. Thus far everything seems to work fine and routing nicely.

Here is my plight and perhaps its something silly with the config or software.

I have some server they have a dongle key plugged into the back of it that handles network licensing for autocad and another machine that has the similar thing that handles other software packages. The server have not been switched to the new vlan yet. Still in the native vlan. When the client pc is in the new vlan to get the different ip address then the server it can ping, and resolve by name with no issues and access to file shares. However when the user launches the autocad software it will crash the software. When i remove the client out of that vlan99 and put it in the same vlan as server (vlan 2)the software works fine.

So I decided to try it the other way around. I had a client pc in the same vlan to "act" as the license manager with the dongle plugged in and told the user to try the software again after putting him back in the new vlan that worked. So then I created a server and put it in the server vlan and then the software did not work. Grrrr.

Sorry for the length but trying to set up the scope of my issue.

please advise if you need clarification

vlan 1 = native (10.10.0.x)/16

vlan 2 = new server vlan 10.50.1.x/22

vlan 99 - client pc vlan 10.50.20.x/22


Re: Dongle does not appear to function after vlanning

Resetting the dongle key may resolve the issue. Ensure that the vlan settings are configured properly for the dongle key to work fine.

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Re: Dongle does not appear to function after vlanning

Please define "resetting the dongle"

If you mean to unplug and plug it back in then that didnt do it. Vlans seem to be fine.

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