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dot1 tunnelled VLAN via L2TPv3 IP routed enviroment problem

I have an objective to transparently interconnect two Cat 6506 switches using dot1q trunk via ethernet switched and IP routed enviroment.

6506 trunk - 3560 dot1q tunnel via vlan 2 - 7206 terminating vlan 2 and xconnect to neighbor 7206 - 3560 with vlan 2/dot1q tunnel - 6506 trunk.

I've divided problem to 2 possible stages - QinQ and L2TPv3.

Realized QinQ works well by assigning/pinging first 7206 IP terminating dot1q tunnel.

Now I have tunnel up, dynamically negotiated with ip mtu, ip sequencing both etc, all default, but I only see sent bytes at first 7206 and no received and received/no sent bytes at the second 7206.

So it actually looks like bytes go just via one direction, from 1 7206 to 2 7206 and not the opposite direction.

What are these counters for? Only for tunneled VLAN or whole L2TPv3 tunnel? Cos hellos should create both traffic sent and received on both 72xx's.

I am confused and can't ping/trunk from the remote 3560. It's under ISP responcibility.I also cant SPAN/VSPAN for some reason to ethereal/analyze it.

Any gurus?


Re: dot1 tunnelled VLAN via L2TPv3 IP routed enviroment problem

Packet counters shows the number of packets sent and received from the remote end.Look for the configuration on the other end of the router.Refer URL for more information.

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Re: dot1 tunnelled VLAN via L2TPv3 IP routed enviroment problem

drolemc, thanks for reply but

number of packets SENT is frozen at some level and IS NOT growing, the number of RECEIVED packets is growing seriously, from the perspective of first 7206, second 7206 has ABSOLUTELY OPPOSITE measures - 'sent' is growing and 'received' is frozen at some level.

I see l2tpv3 tunnel keepalives sent/received from/to both sides, it has no problems with 2way tunnel connectivity but the payload data is not going through!

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