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dot1q trunk from single switch to multiple switches


Hope you can help please !


I have a single switch with 6 vlans and one trunk port at the main site  This has to connect to a 3 separate locations each with its own switch with a trunked port via a microwave network.


I have run it in packet tracer using a hub as the microwave network.  It works fine in that, I just want to check it would 'actually' work or could it cause problems ?


Diagram from PT below with 3 vlans just for clarification.



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Uhhhh ... Who's doing the

Uhhhh ... Who's doing the routing?


Leo, from looking at that

Leo, from looking at that diagram it's a L2 configuration.


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Martin,  I understand it's a



I understand it's a Layer 2 config but look at the IP addresses of the hosts, hence why I'm asking.  This is not typical of a network implementation.  I am asking because I want the OP to think.


This is a school-related work.  And I, for one, am not willing to spoon feed answers to someone without letting them think for themselves.  


I did see that, I assumed

I did see that, I assumed there was no connectivity required/desired between the networks.

As you say, he needs to ascertain this.




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Sorry, mate.  Didn't want to

Sorry, mate.  Didn't want to "pick a fight" with anyone.  


Your interpretation (along with anyone else) is different to mine.  So I guess we do need to ask more questions.   

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First of all   'This is not a

First of all   'This is not a school related work' Leo Laohoo. There is no conspiracy here, calm yourself down.  


We are loosing quite a few E1 circuits and they are being replaced with only a few ethernet, so we need to conserve them.

It is indeed a L2 network.  The VLANs don't need to communicate with each other and will terminate into a firewall.  I used the PC's on the left as an interface just.

I was concerned about having one trunk port connect to 3 other switches.  I wasn't sure how they would react as I've ever only used trunks point to point.  

Hence why I used the hub in PT to break a single trunk into 3.  I just wasn't sure how the switches would react to this.

smiley Thanks !




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I agree with Leo.Basic

I agree with Leo.

Basic understanding is needed its pretty simple. This is just layer 2 network and the subnets with the same range works without any issue. But you have will have problem communicating between the vlans and I hope you dont want to do that hence you want only the vlans across the switches to talk to each other and not between them. If that is the case I dont see any reason why this will not work.


Second if we have mis -understood your query please feel free to shoot the queries you have and we will try to help you on the same.




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Martin & Inayath, I've also

Martin & Inayath, 

I've also noticed that since I've expressed my suspicion about the motive of this thread, the OP has been quiet.  

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