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doubt abt ingress forwarding on destination span ports

the documentation specifies that by default the destination span port doesn;t forward any data.

i want to know is that when the source port is a trunk port does the switch copies the frames with the vlan tagging or after removing the vlan tagging.

say i have connected a sniffer on the destination port.

my doubt is abt the documentations which says

Specify ingress to enable forwarding for ingress

traffic on the SPAN destination port when using ISL encapsulation

does this mean that i can use the ingress command on the span destination port when isl is enabled as the encapsulation on trunk ports.

cause out here they have specified

This example shows how to configure the destination port for ingress traffic on VLAN 5 by using a

security device that does not support IEEE 802.1Q encapsulation.

Switch(config)# monitor session 1 destination interface fastethernet0/5 ingress vlan 5

cause the destination port will be a access-port generally then why would we need the device on that port to send tagged traffic.

here the security device they are talking abt is what exactly are they referring too.???

can someone pls clear my doubt on this.

i am really confused abt this one.



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