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Dual BGP Routers into a Single MPLS cloud

I have a mock-up of my environment that I'm about to build in GNS3. The IP addresses have been changed to protect the guilt.  The Network is shown in the attached graphic below.


OK here is my problem, I just can't see a solution. Router R6 is acting as my local inside VLAN router. R3 acts as an example of one of my remote sites it's a default route / static route site. AS 65100 is acting a my MPLS provider network. R5 is my primary path R4 is a hot DR site and therefore the secondary path. If I shutdown R4 I can ping from R6 to R3 LB1 network. But if R4 is active I R6 shows next hope in the routing table as R5, but R5 shows the same network with a next hope as R6. Can anyone say routing loop?


What is your routing protocol

What is your routing protocol to the ISP, EIGRP? What is your ultimate goal? Are you peering with the ISP via EIGRP? Have you looked at EIGRP Over The Top?

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We are talking BGP only to

We are talking BGP only to the service provider. I am using EIGRP as the IGP for the provider for easy of use in my lab. The goal that I'm trying to make is fail over routing in this example out my secondary path through R4 in the event that I lose the route out my primary path through R5.

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