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Dual Lans

I am not a networking person so I don't even necessarily know the questions to ask.

We have a Cisco 2600 series router. We have a new customer that has the requirement of accessing their printer (hosted at our site) via a static IP address. We are planning to get a new Cisco router to handle the division of the IPs at the router. Our static IP would flow through to our firewall. Their static IP would divert out to their printer sitting behins a HP Jet Direct box.

The first quote I have gotten is for 1841 router. The actual items quoted are:

(2) Modular Router w/2xFE, 2 WAN slots, 32 FL/128 DR

(2) Updated 1-Port T1/Fractional T1 DSU/CSU WAN Interface Card

(6) SMARTNET 8X5XNBD Modular Router w/2xF

(2) Remote Diagnostic Kit

The number in parenthesis is the quantity.

Is this a viable solution? Does this make sense or does it make more sense to go with a 2800 series router?


Re: Dual Lans

I think you have to make all the devices in the same networks including printer also. Using static ip address for the entire devices, than it is fine. To avoid the IP conflicts, Please don?t use static as well as dynamic in same network.

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