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Dual Nexus 5k with Layer 3 Card Setup

We have two UCS chassis, two fabrics interconnect and two nexus 5ks that make up our vSphere infrastructure. The nexus 5ks only do our Layer two and storage switching and we use a pair of 2960 routers for our layer 3. We are getting rid of the routers and adding layer 3 cards to the two nexus switches.

What technology do I need to use in order to accomplish this? I read about vPC and VSS but I’m not sure what direction I should take. In the past I have used layer 3 switches and vlan interfaces to do my internal routing. Can someone guide me in the right direction and maybe provide some sort of sample config I can look at?

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Dual Nexus 5k with Layer 3 Card Setup

Just think of them as two L3 switches - HSRP on the Layer 3 interfaces you create after upgrading replaces that which is probably on your 2960s already.

VPC allows you to dual home aggregated links as an Etherchannel across both switches. It's a pretty big topic so you might want to review something like this doc first:

VSS is not supported on Nexus - only on the Cat 6k and 4k switches. It makes the chassis appear as a single logical unit.

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