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Dynamic Routing with multiple methods of connections between locations

I have a silly question for dynamic routing.

I cant decide between OSPF and EIGRP for my setup.

Site 1

3845 running DMVPN with EIGRP, 2xT1 MPLS (static routes)

one hop in,

6509 with connection to 3845, and to OPTical WAN to remote site. (50Mb Ethernet, Ethernet handoff from telco)

Site 2

3845 running DMVPN with EIGRP.

one hop in

4510R+E with connection to 3845 and to OPTical WAN to remote site (20Mb Ethernet, Ethernet handoff from telco)

I do have other sites, but these are the two biggest.

Currently I am just pointing static routes to either the OPTWAN or the DMVPN, but I want to have traffic dynamically route and use the OPTWAN as a priority, and if there is a problem (telco issue) route via DMVPN.  I would also love to have the network re-route via OPTWAN via certain sites if the DMVPN goes down for failover... I know I can monitor the Tunnel Interface for "link state",  however handoff from telco is from always on device, my "cores" will never see the "link status" change.  because of this, I think EIGRP may not work...

but because i have multiple routes, and certain routes over specific circuits, i am not sure if OSPF will work either.

Am I on the right path?


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