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Edge Switches

For devices not being used as a router such as closet switches which is better to use? no ip routing and then set a ip default-gateway or use ip routing and set ip route 0.0.0 for it's mgnt traffic and etc.

Either works this is just a preference/design thing.


Re: Edge Switches

You will probably get a dozen different answers , we no ip route and use a default gateway if its just going to do access layer duty.

Re: Edge Switches

I figured there would be many people who say one way is better than the other and vice-versa, but I was wondering if there was a Cisco best practice. A co-worker and I were just discussing this topic and we both see differently on it and were wondering what this group of experts would say.

My preferred method is to use default gateway as well when not doing any L3 routing. I dont see the use of having a routing table if you know you are not going to use it.

Thanks for the reply!

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Re: Edge Switches


I agree with Glen on this. If your switch is going to be L2 only then i would make sure ip routing is disabled and use the default-gateway command. For one thing this makes it very clear what the switch is doing from a L2/L3 perspective.

One thing though - try turning off routing on a 6500 with a Sup720 - it can be somewhat difficult :)


Re: Edge Switches

Thanks again for your answer. I happen to agree with you gentlemen I just wish I had a Cisco doc to refer to.

I have never attempted to no ip route on a SUP720. I guess we always assume if its that big monster of a switch it will be doing routing of some kind.


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