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EIGRP ext admin distance effecting OSPF distance command


We are redistributing OSPF routes into EIGRP, and need to alter the admin distance of the OSPF routes beyond the default of EIGRP external routes (170), so we have used the following command

"distance 175 acl" The acl is for carrying out this on specific routes.

What we find is that this works if the distance value is 169 or less, once its 170 or greater the routes no longer appear in the table, let alone have a altered admin distance. If we change the external AD of eigrp, say 180, we get the 175 routes appear until we keep changing up to 180.

We have two pairs of 6500's, one set is ok, the other has this issue, code is s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-18.SXF.bin on faulty boxes, different code on the other chassis.

Any ideas?

Thanks Gary

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