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EIGRP neighborship question

I am having difficulty in understanding the EIGRP neighborship in the below given scenario:

Router#sh ip ei nei             

IP-EIGRP neighbors for process 100

H   Address                 Interface       Hold Uptime   SRTT   RTO  Q  Seq

                                            (sec)         (ms)       Cnt Num

2              Fa0/0             11 10:06:12    1   200  0  44

1              Fa0/0             10 10w1d       1  1518  0  7593

0              Fa0/0             12 21w4d       4   200  0  29787

All the neighbors are learnt from inter fa0/0

Lets have a look at neighbor of interface fa0/0

Router#sh cdp neighbors fa0/0 det


Device ID: Switch

Entry address(es):

  IP address:

Lets log in to and chk its eigrp neighbors

Switch#sh ip ei nei

IP-EIGRP neighbors for process 100

H   Address                 Interface       Hold Uptime   SRTT   RTO  Q  Seq Type

                                            (sec)         (ms)       Cnt Num

0              Vl3               13 09:58:04    1  5000  0  7593

2              Vl3               13 09:59:42    1   200  0  51

4              Gi1/0/24          13 21w4d       9   200  0  149736

3              Gi1/0/23          14 21w4d       6   200  0  149737

1              Vl3               11 21w4d       1   200  0  7640 and are's neighbors.

Im confused how these 2 ( and have become eigrp neighbors of Router thru inter fa0/0 even though its not connected via fa0/0 of Router

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Re: EIGRP neighborship question


I think all the eigrp neighbors of the router may be connected in vlan 3 of the switch ... and the switch also is a part of the eigrp AS.

Show ip eigrp neighbors will always list down the layer 3 interface... so the router reaches to the other eigrp neighbors in the same broadcast domain via the switch connected on fas 0/0 and at the same time also forms eigrp neighborship with the switch.



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Re: EIGRP neighborship question

How can the router from a neighborship with a device passing through another L3 device. In our case its like this:

Router ----> L3 Switch---> Connected to multiple router devices

How can the router pass thru L3 Switch and from neighborship with other devices.


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EIGRP neighborship question


Perhaps it will help if we remember that EIGRP neighbor formation uses multicast packets ( The router is physically connected to the L3 switch but the connection is part of VLAN 3 and VLAN 3 forwards multicast packets from and through the layer 3 switch to the router. This is how the EIGRP neighborship is formed through the VLAN.



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