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Enter config commands once on cluster of cisco ios?

If I have two Cisco switches in HSRP mode (active/active) (we are migrating to Nexus 7K/5K pairs from two 6500 switches) - I need to enter configuration commands twice, once on each device.

Is there a tool or way to make commands on both devices at once, or enter on one switch and have it automatically copied over with each config change?

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SolarWinds has a product

SolarWinds has a product called NCM (Network Configuration Manager) that can push configs to multiple devices at the same time. However, why bother with that vs just logging in to each device individually and run the commands needed? After all you are only dealing with two devices right? :)


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Thank you for rating helpful posts!
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But what about 3 in a cluster

But what about 3 in a cluster, or 5, or 10 - do admins really type commands repeatedly over and over and over? Maybe it's not an issue - but I'm making it one?

Even twice introduces human error factor x2.  That seems unacceptable to me, and seems there should be a solution from Cisco for this issue....

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Sure, if you have multiple

Sure, if you have multiple devices then it would make sense to have something that would automate the process. Like I said, check out NCM from SolarWinds. Cisco's solution for this used to be Cisco Works which is basically obsolete now. The new product from Cisco is Prime. You can check that one out too.


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If you configured your SNMP

If you configured your SNMP properly, you can push config changes (to a number of physical appliances simultaneously) using RANCID.

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