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%ERR-1-GT64010: Fatal error, PCI Master abort

I get this error message during the boot:

Smart Init is disabled. IOMEM set to: 15

Using iomem percentage: 15

Error, PCMCIA vendor/id incorrect, 0xFFFFFFFF

%ERR-1-GT64010: Fatal error, PCI Master abort

cause=0x0300E483, mask=0x0CD01F00, real_cause=0x00000400

bus_err_high=0x00000000, bus_err_low=0x31000000, addr_decode_err=0x1FE0000E

It doesn't look to cause any problems for the router.

The error message came after I did this. I configured the router with reference to an IOS file which does not exist. The router was not able to boot normal anymore, so I deleted the configuration from ROM mode.

It is a Cisco 3600 router with PCMCIA card slots which is not used.

I have not found a solution to get rid of the message.


Re: %ERR-1-GT64010: Fatal error, PCI Master abort

You may not be using the PCMCIA slots (anymore) but perhaps there is still a card in one of them?

If so, remove it and retry the boot.

Otherwise, it may be a hardware problem with the PCMCIA interface or a softwareproblem.

If using several alternative IOS versions does not change anything about the message you may start suspecting the hardware.



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Re: %ERR-1-GT64010: Fatal error, PCI Master abort

Thank you for the help, I do not use the PCMCIA slot and will not used it at all. There is no cards in the PCMCIA slot.

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