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ESW-520-24P not passing traffic on a custom VLAN

Hi all,

We recently bought an ESW-520-24P switch to replace an end-of-life CE500.  The facility where the switch is installed has wireless access points connected to VLAN 110.

So obvioulsy the ESW-520-24P switch doesn't support VTP, so no VLANs are being propogated to it.  So I created VLAN 110 manually, and assigned ports to it.  But the devices on those ports won't communicate with anything.

All of the ports are set up as Access ports with VLAN 110 untagged.  The uplink is the g2 port which is in trunking mode.

Also, if I try to remove a port from the VLAN using the VLAN Properties screen, I get the following error:  "VLAN 110:  Port e9 cannot be untagged but not Egress..."  I assume that there's more to that error but it's cut off.

Can someone please tell me what I may have configured wrong?


- Steve

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