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Ether channel

I have a 3750 connected to 2821.3750 has two ports configured as ether channel as trunk.On 2821 i want to configure 2 fast Ethernets in L3 ether channel. When i give command "ether-channel 1 mode on", it only takes "ether-channel 1" as a result when i do "show int fasteth 0/0 ether-channel" it says that ether-channel is disabled.

On which IOS is it supported ?

I want to use trunk ether channel on switch side and L3 ether channel on router side with sub interfaces on the port channel, as my switch will have different VLANS, with the port-channel sub interfaces in the respective vlans?

any help in configuration ?

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Re: Ether channel

Understanding Layer 3 EtherChannel Support on the Cisco ISR

You need 12.4 (17.6) IOS version and above for the embedded interfaces to be part of L3 etherchannel. With earlier releases you can have etherchannel only with Etherswitch modules.



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Re: Ether channel

I may be mistaken, but I recall the 28xx built in Ethernet ports are only routed ports. To channel ports, you may need to use one of the Ethernet port add-ons modules. (You might consider connecting to 3750 at gig speed [via copper sfp if you don't otherwise have copper gig ports].)


Ah, more not-current rather than mistaken. Thank you Padmanabhan.


What's interesting is this was introduced for the 2821 embedded interfaces in 12.4(17.6)! A feature enhancement in mainline code?

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