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etherchannel and trunking

I'm trying to setup etherchannel and trunking between an IOS switch and CatOS 6500 switch. What I've read is that the 2, etherchannel and trunking are independant of each other and the only gotcha is to make sure all ports are in the same mode either before or after the etherchannel is created. On the 6500 side I creaated an etherchannel group first, and then set one of the ports to trunking. From what I read changing the trunk mode on one of the ports will force the other ports to also go into trunk mode. This appeared true, it worked fine on the 6500 side.

Now, on to the IOS side. I went into interface range mode and included all the ports to be involved in the trunk and etherchannel, but it didn't work. One of the interfaces wasn't part of the etherchannel bundle and then I went into the interface po1 mode and removed the trunk from it rather than individually changing any settings on the individual interfaces involved in the trunk or channel. That's when a spanning tree loop occurred. Does anyone have a tried and proven method of setting up both etherchannel and trunking on the channel? I think stp is blocking some of the ports involved in the channel group and me backing some of the changes off while troubleshooting is just creating more problems. If anyone has a process or knows of a good note that includes both channeling and trunking I'd greatly appreciate it

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Re: etherchannel and trunking

Best way is to shut down the interfaces you are dealing with , add your trunk parameters to the interfaces then via a interface range command put the channel commands in .

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