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Etherchannel Emergency


We have two cisco switch and two wireless link the cisco switches are 2950 and 3550 and the capacity of each wireless link is about 15Mb and the wireless systems work in BRIDGE mode i configure etherchannel between two switches also we use these wireless links between switches and the ports are in Access mode and we dont have trunk, now we want two have both links act like a one link i mean both wireless link work and therfore we have 30 Mb.

Is it possible if one link works bad "imagin if it only passes maximum 7 Mb and more than this with packet lost" another channel works ?

Is it possible these two links work balance ?

and at last when we want two access to our wireless systems with their ip address its not works ,we can't ping any both of them from local stations in same vlan nor monitoring but the traffic pass through them unbalance.


Cisco Employee

Re: Etherchannel Emergency

Yes, you can use the wireless bridges to act as a single fat pipe by using etherchannel. This can be configured as a single link. By default the switch like 2950 does the load-balancing based on the destination mac-address based and it will always use the same link to pass the traffic till you have the same mac-address. You really cannot control the ether-channel frame distribution over the 2 links as it uses an algorith which runs the XOR funtion on the lower bits of the destination mac-addresses.If you even try to change the load-balancing method to "Source ip/destination IP" this will still use the same XOR function to do the frame distribution. So you can see an uneven load on the links. If one of the wireless link suffers a saturation,it will definately start dorping the frames.

You should be able to ping and manage your wireless bridges. Check the routing part for them.

-amit singh

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