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etherchannel issues

I have set up 1 3560G switch to server as my backbone switch and 3 2960G switches to server my distribution layer switches. i have configured a two gigabyte ether channels from the backbone switch to each of the 3 distribution layer switches but the network has not changed it is still as slow it always was. what could i be doing wrong or could a virus on the network slow it down. please i need help


Re: etherchannel issues

Is the etherchannel functioning properly?

What do you see when you perform a "show etherchannel sum"? Are the ports involved in the etherchannel forwarding traffic and correctly bound to the logical port channel?

If so, then perhaps 2 Gigabits (not bytes, by the way) are not enough and you need more bandwidth.

Perhaps you have broadcast storms or a spanning tree issue.

A lot of things cause latency. You need to use an analyzer to examine the traffic and not just shoot in the dark



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Re: etherchannel issues

There are many things that impact network performance; bandwidth being one of them. Unless you had noticed highly utilized uplinks before the move to EtherChannel, the additional bandwidth provided by EtherChannel might be very minimal.

Also, even if your uplinks were highly utilized, dual EtherChannel is not the same as doubling the bandwidth of your uplinks. Further, it can easily be insufficient for your traffic, either by its inherent design or by suboptimal configuration.

What's happening that makes you believe your network is slow?

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Re: etherchannel issues

we usually ping the dns which reply in time 1ms but when u ping it reply at time 3000ms/4000ms, its the same with any other website. Plus it usually times out a lot. web pages really slow to load. these are the problems with the network.

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Re: etherchannel issues

You're describing Internet related performance issues? If so, unlikely your LAN switch topology is the issue. Most common are WAN congestion issues to/from the Internet.

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