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EtherChannel - LACP between Cisco 3750-X stack and DELL PowerConnect 5448

New to this environment, not sure why they setup the network they way they did in the past, but I have replaced our switches DELL PowerConnect 5448 and and unmanaged Linksys 24 port (yeah I know) with Cisco 3750-X stack.

Plan is to re-purpose the DELL PowerConnect (circa 2010) as an ISCI or top of Rack switch and connect our DELL VirtX (DataCenter in a Box) switch/CMS, etc. back to Stack.

The reason - We have existing CAT5e cabling, and Patch Ports are full, that I am I one, not many so trying to get the best practice with no money, equipment (although they did spring for the re-furbished switches).

We have:

AS400 - 2 Ports used, but could be up to 7 if properly fully configured,

DELL Poweredge 2950 (I know old) - 2 ports, plus 1 Console port (not used yet)

DELL Poweredge T310 - 2 ports

APC - SmartUPS 1500 - 1 ports

APC - SmartUPS 3000 - 1 port

1 Printer port (inconsequential 10MBps)

Added DELL VirtX - 8 port switch (2 ports per up to 4 blades - only using 3 so 6 ports) plus 2 redundant CMS ports (should be seperated/segmented traffic).

I digress.

My options were to run all of these connections (I would have to purchase the patch panels, ports, cables) with no budget (typical I know) or

Re-use already ran Patch to Patch to 3750-X stack cables and configure a 4 port Etherchanel/LACP back to switch and plug everything in rack into the Top of Rack switch.

So the questions (You're saying, finally a point):

1.) Is this the best way to accomplish this?

2.) Is a 4 GB Etherchannel enough bandwidth (especially considering before half the network was on a 100 MB unmanaged switch)?

3.) Configuration tips/commands for accomplishing?

4.) If 4, would it be best to configure last two ports (48 Ports switch) on each switch in stack or all into Switch 1 or 2 of the stack?

5.) What is the best way to get some, but not all VLans across this connection?

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