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Etherchannel Link Allocation

I am working with a variety of switches, mostly 29xx. I am trying to learn more about etherchannel. I am trying to find a command that will show me which hosts have been assigned to which links in the etherchannel. The show mac-address-table command shows everything as going over port channel 1, it doesn't break out which link of the port channel each host goes over. I have a etherchannel, currently via PAgP, with 4 100Mb links. I want to find a table where I can go in and see which hosts have been assigned to which of those 4 links. My plan is to then bring down one of the links, so as to see which links the hosts failed over to. I work in an education organization and am trying to put together some detailed training on etherchannel.



Re: Etherchannel Link Allocation

There is not an easy way to see that . they use a algorithm to determine which port a single conversation will take . Here is a little blurb from cisco.

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Re: Etherchannel Link Allocation

It looks like there is a CATOS command that can help with this called show channel hash, but I have as of yet been unable to locate an IOS command that does the equivalent.

Is there an IOS equivalent to the CATOS "show channel hash" command?

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