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etherchannel problem

I wanted to move two ports in an etherchannel from blade 4 to blade 3. So I configure two ports on blade 3 for channel-group 1 mode on and I get this message

EC-5-CANNOT_BUNDLE2: Gi3/1 is not compatible with Po1 and will be suspen

ded (trunk encap of Gi3/1 is auto, Po1 is dot1q and ISL not-supported)

After search for a while on, I run into this bug report CSCsd11234. and this article

It seems to match the what I am seeing the fix is unclear. Other than changing my trunking mode so that there is no negotiation going on on both the physical ports and the port-channel, is there anything else to try? I am running 12.2(40)SG on a 4500


Re: etherchannel problem

Are the two blades the same type? If not, then there might be an issue with capabilities.

In any case, the config of the physical ports should match before you can join them. By the look of it, Po1 has no switchport trunk encapsulation command because the ports of card 4 support only dot1q. In that case, if card 3 supports both, then you should tie down the interface on card 3 to switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q so that at least they are talking the same language.

If the cards are different, you might even find you have to switchport nonegotiate on both cards before they will cooperate.

Kevin Dorrell


Community Member

Re: etherchannel problem

The two blades were exactly the same model number. That is what really has me confused about the whole thing. I guess I will have to just lock everything down and see what happends.

Re: etherchannel problem

i suggest you post your port-channel config and also the ports in the channel group.

"sh run int port-channel 1". Also sh run int port ** (Ports in your channel group).


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