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Etherchannel shows up as Po2a ??

I have an LACP channel configured across 4 interfaces. Its working fine but it shows up are

2      Po2(SD)         LACP

2      Po2A(SU)        LACP      Gi3/1(P)       Gi3/9(P)       Gi3/17(P)


Not a big deal but when I poll it using my SNMP tools, Po2 shows up but I cant see Po2a.

I also cant do a sh int po2a...and sh int po2 shows that its down.

How do I get this back to Po2 ??




Etherchannel shows up as Po2a ??

I believe there is a mis-configuration somewhere on the interface in port-channel 2. When that happens, a secondary aggregator port is created.

A secondary aggregator port will be created in the LACP process when the ports you are

bundling are not compatible with each other, or with their remote peers. The secondary

aggregator port will have the ports which are compatible with others.

Configure all LAN ports in an EtherChannel to operate at the same speed and in the same

duplex mode. LACP does not support half-duplex. Half-duplex ports in an LACP EtherChannel

are put in the suspended state.

If you configure an EtherChannel from trunking LAN ports, verify that the trunking mode is

the same on all the trunks. LAN ports in an EtherChannel with different trunk modes can

operate unpredictably.

LAN ports with different STP port path costs can form an EtherChannel as long they are

compatibly configured with each other. If you set different STP port path costs, the LAN

ports are not incompatible for the formation of an EtherChannel

I would suggest you to schedule a down time and take down the port-channel, put the configurations to default, shut the interfaces and recreate both sides and make sure the configuration is the same in both sides.



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