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HI All

Please what does it take to install a second ether channel as in the diagram?

We already have the first links in black in place but now need to connect up the 2nd one in red. Please find attached the set up and the show ether channel.

I am asking because we wanted to source this out and they are charging a lot so I want to see if I can do this myself but need to know what the downside or repercussions may be.

Environment: Cat 6509 with Sup720 running Cisco IOS running the latest version.



Re: Etherchannel

Are you willing to have downtime and possible outages? If so, take a look at this URL and DIY. Make sure you understand it before implementing.

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Re: Etherchannel

Thanks. I am looking through the doc now.

Re: Etherchannel

Hi Friend,

Please paste us the current config of the etherchannel of all the ports.

Do you want to have this setup as a separate port channel or you want to include the new ports in the same channel. If later is the case then you dont have to do much in this case. Just copy the config from 5/1 or 6/1 and paste it under the 5/2,6/2 on both the sides and then connect the cable on the ports 5/2,6/2.

In case if you want to create a new port-cahnnel then you have to config the ports in the same fashion as 5/1 and 6/1, only the interface port-channel configs will the one that you will be adding. Once that is done connect the ports back on the chassis.

I would suggest you to do after hours when there are no or less users on the switches. This will not disturb the production environment.

Let us know if you need more help.


-amit singh

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Re: Etherchannel

Thanks Amit

Please find the config attached. Which will you advice? I will prefer the new port channel but is there any advantage to it?


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