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Ethernet Management Connection

I have questions related to the Ethernet Management connection on the new generation (E-Series) of switches. Is this port able to use DHCP? Is it by default DHCP enabled? The reason I am asking, because it is more difficult to find terminal server devices and they are expensive to purchase. We need a solution that allow us to install a switch remotely and configure remotely without doing pre-setup work to get console/management communications.


Re: Ethernet Management Connection

Yes you can do that with the Ethernet management port

Follow these steps:

1. Connect a Category 5 Ethernet cable to the PC Ethernet port. Connect the other end of the cable to the Ethernet management port on the switch rear panel.

2. Start a Telnet session on the PC.

3. Enter the switch IP address that you assigned by using Express Setup.

4. Use the CLI to enter commands to configure the switch. See the software configuration guide and the command reference for more information.

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Re: Ethernet Management Connection

I would like to use DHCP on the Ethernet Management connection. Has anyone tried to pre-setup the switch using Express Setup or something else to enalbe the port as DHCP. Then having a management environment with a DHCP pool configured to allow the the switch management port to get IP addresses, which can be looked up in the DHCP or ARP table. Using a remote transport, then access the device to the newly assigned DHCP address. This could be a telnet from the internal data network over a link between the management and data networks, or a remote VPN/dial-up type connection.

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