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Expected throughput / bandwidth on cisco 2950

Hello Guys,

I'm wondering what I should be able to expect for transfer speeds through a 2950 100mb switch.

I have two physical machines connected to the switch, and the cables and nic's can function as high as 1GB. What is the expected throughput with the switch being 100MB?

I transfered at 1.4GB file, and it was sending at 1.5MB/Sec, but this seems slow to me, guess I"m expecting at least 3MB/Sec...

Can someone help clairfy? Dev enviroment..

Are there any tweeks I can do to speed it up even more?


Re: Expected throughput / bandwidth on cisco 2950

Make sure your nic settings are matched to the switchport settings. If you have your nic set as auto then the switchport must be auto for speed and duplex. If you hardcode the nic to 100/full then you must hardcode the switchports to 100/full otherwise you have speed/duplex mismatches which cause errors and slow transfers.

Re: Expected throughput / bandwidth on cisco 2950

Hard set your servers to 100/full duplex then do the same on the switch.

Switch#config t

Switch(config)# interface range fa0/1 - 10

Switch(config-int)#speed 100

Switch(config-int)#duplex full



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Re: Expected throughput / bandwidth on cisco 2950

Thanks, I should have mentioned that I already tried this..

I'll have to troubleshoot for errors, but what is the expected transfer rate?

Re: Expected throughput / bandwidth on cisco 2950

You need to set a baseline here as in theory you should be able to reach almost 100Mbps, however the servers (and their operating system) are more likely to be the bottle neck. Put an Ethernet cross-over cable between the two servers and hard-code them at 100/Full then run your transfer test. You should then repeat it via the switch, however you will need to reset the NIC settings on the servers back to Auto - I recommend you leave them at Auto when connected to the switch. Once they are connected check on the switch and the NIC utility that they have negotiated 100/Full (most NIC's have a utility to show the negotiated Speed & Duplex).

Once you have the baseline you need to compare it to the results of the transfer through the switch - it should be similar.


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Re: Expected throughput / bandwidth on cisco 2950

Andy's suggestion is great in that in will identify, or not, whether the switch is an issue.

Assuming you get about the same results, what else might you check?

Most current hardware drivers for PCs, e.g. NIC, motherboard, disk.

Defrag disks on both sender and receiver.

Insure maximum supported MTU is being used.

If using TCP, insure receive window is sized correctly (usually is for LANs).

If your NICs and switch image support jumbo frames, try it.

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