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New Member

extended vlan


I created extended vlan 1600 and 1700.

Now I cannot ping to a host in vlan 1700.

I created ip addresses on the vlan but it is still not working

please assist


New Member

Re: extended vlan

there ia an exception with extended vlan

that it would work only with vtp transparent mode

have the verified vtp mode ?

New Member

Re: extended vlan


I already checked it. In vlan 1600, the hosts can reach other vlans in vlan 1700 it is not possible, seems that it is only routed through the default route, nothing else is possible

sh vtp status

VTP Version : 2

Configuration Revision : 0

Maximum VLANs supported locally : 1005

Number of existing VLANs : 6

VTP Operating Mode : Transparent

VTP Domain Name :

VTP Pruning Mode : Disabled

VTP V2 Mode : Disabled

VTP Traps Generation : Disabled

MD5 digest : 0xA1 0xB1 0xB8 0x32 0x13 0x9B 0x3D 0xEB

Configuration last modified by at 0-0-00 00:00:00

New Member

Re: extended vlan

just to understand, you've created a vlan 1700 on your switch and the hosts are not reachable from this switch?

If this is the case, do your router have a VLAN1700? Is vlan 1700 passed between your switch and router? (added in the trunk?) Does your switch have a default-geteway configured?

Check the following:

show int [int going to your router] trunk

show run int [int going to your router]

and on your router:

show run int [int going to your switch].1700

and if possible, post the results.


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New Member

Re: extended vlan

yep that is correct,

But i'm further into troubleshooting now.

There a 2 sites site a en site b

in site b there are a couple of extende vlans beginning with 16xx and 17xx. Now the 16xx vlans can reach site a and internal in site b.

But vlan 1700 is not route through site b.

Sorry for the incorrect thing above. I first thought it was an extended vlan problem. It seems that it is not route correctly.

Vlan 17xx ip addresses are 172.17.x.x and site a ip addresses are 172.18.x.x /16

I configured a route

ip route via the wan router which is in a range of some vlan 16xx with ip 172.16.10.x

the port connected to the other router is an access port in vlan 1610. It seems it is not working

Best regards

New Member

Re: extended vlan

Do each site have its own router?

If yes, you need to use trunk between your switch and this router. Configure vlan 1700 on this router by creating a subinterface(s) [for each vlan that want to pass between switch and router] on this router, for example:

int fa0/0.1700

encapsulation dot1Q 2010

ip address [range of this VLAN]

and your switch's config shold look like this:

int [int going to this site router]

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport mode trunk

switchport trunk allowed vlan 1600,1700 ...

At this moment, you should be able to ping VLAN1700 users from your router, and if your switch has ip default-gateway configured, you should ping VLAN1700s users from here as well.

Then, on the another site, configure

"ip route [vlan 1700 range] next-hop-router".

Remember, your users from vlan1700 have to use ip address of int fa0/0.1700 as a default-gateway.

If you don't have a router on each site, please provide more information about your architecture.