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EzVPN client with only 1 interface?

I am trying to set up a vpn tunnel between my home network and my office network.  Previously I was using an 861w router as my home gateway and I used it as an EzVPN client and all was good.  I replaced the 861w router with a Linksys router because I wanted some additional features the 861w did not have, unfortunately the Linksys router does not support any type of VPN.

What I am hoping to do is use an 1841 router in tandem with the Linksys router.

I have the Linksys router connected to my cable modem and it is doing NAT between my LAN and the Internet.  The thought is to put the 1841 router on the LAN, have it establish an EzVPN connection to work and then add static routes for the tunneled networks in the Linksys router which point to the LAN IP address of the 1841.

I think that would work, but the problem I am running into is that I can't have two interfaces on the 1841 connected to the same IP network and I don't know if EzVPN will work with a single interface.

Any suggestions?

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hi, can some one answer to



can some one answer to this...i have the same problem


my router received private IP and reachable to internet want to establish tunnel from router to my HO ASA.



please help me for the configuration..

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