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Fastethernet0 management interface on 3750-x switch

Hi,  Is this interface MDI or MDI-X by default?



Fastethernet0 management interface on 3750-x switch


show controllers ethernet-controller fastethernet0 phy should tell you this.



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Don't forget to rate helpful posts.
New Member

Fastethernet0 management interface on 3750-x switch

Hi, I've run that command, but I can't see where it give the mdi setting?

S02-EXT#sh controllers ethernet-controller f0 phy



hw_if_index = 6478 if_number = 6478

PowerPC405 FastEthernet unit 0

PHY Hardware is Broadcom BCM5220 rev. 4 (id_register: 0x40, 0x61E4)

rx_intr: 0 tx_intr: 0 mac_err_isr: 0 phy_link_isr:0

Current station address 5057.a8c5.81b7, default address 5057.a8c5.81b7

MAL register dump:

malcr        0x00004082  0x100

malesr       0x00000000  0x101

malier       0x00000000  0x102

maltxcasr    0x00000000  0x104

maltxcarr    0x00000000  0x105

maltxeobisr  0x00000000  0x106

maltxdeir    0x00000000  0x107

malrxcasr    0x00000000  0x110

malrxcarr    0x00000000  0x111

malrxeobisr  0x00000000  0x112

malrxdeir    0x00000000  0x113

maltxctp0r   0x0E027880  0x120

malrxctp0r   0x0E0272C0  0x140

malrcbs0   0x00000060  0x160

EMAC register dump:

emacmr0      0xC0000000  0x00

emacmr1      0x815A8020  0x04

emactmr0     0x00000007  0x08

emactmr1     0x7807C000  0x0C

emacrmr      0x7D180000  0x10

emacisr      0x00000002  0x14

emacier      0x00000000  0x18

emaciah      0x00005057  0x1C

emacial      0xA8C581B7  0x20

emacptr      0x0000FFFF  0x2C

emaclsah     0x00000000  0x50

emaclsal     0x00000000  0x54

emacipgr     0x00000004  0x58

emacstacr    0x0010131E  0x5C

emactrtr     0x03000000  0x60

emacrwmr     0x07801000  0x64

emacoctx     0x00000000  0x68

emacocrx     0x00000000  0x6C

UIC register dump:

uicsr      0xF5C7FFF4  0xC0

uicer      0x02300008  0xC2

uicmsr     0x00000000  0xC6

PHY register dump:

3100 7809 0040 61E4 3000 0000 0004 2001 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000

3000 0001 0000 0000 0200 0600 0200 0000 003C 1002 9F10 008A 002C 0000 0010

RX ring with 0 entries at 0xE0272C0, Buffer size 1524

Rxhead = 0x0 (-29380184), Rxp = 0x0 (-19906165)

TX ring with 0 entries at 0xE027880, tx_count = 0

tx_head = 0x0 (-29380368), head_txp = 0x0 (-19906188)

tx_tail = 0x0 (-29380368), tail_txp = 0x0 (-19906188)

0 missed datagrams, 0 overruns

0 transmitter underruns, 0 excessive collisions

0 single collisions, 0 multiple collisions

0 dma memory errors, 0 CRC errors

0 alignment errors, 0 runts, 0 giants

emac/mal specific errors:

0 rx in range, 0 rx out range

0 mal_rx_serr, 0 mal_tx_serr

0 mal_rx_de, 0 mal_tx_de

0 mal_multi_desc

0 emac_int

0 mal_err_isr

0 SQE errors, 0 tx CRC errors

0 output queue fail

Fastethernet0 management interface on 3750-x switch


Auto-MDIX is enabled by default. When you enable auto-MDIX, you must also set the interface speed and duplex to

auto so that the feature operates correctly. Auto-MDIX is supported on all  10/100/1000-Mb/s and on 10/100/1000BASE-TX small form-factor pluggable  (SFP)-module interfaces. It is not supported on 1000BASE-SX or -LX SFP  module interfaces.

New Member

Fastethernet0 management interface on 3750-x switch

Thanks, I need to set the interface statically to 100/full though so I can't use auto mdix.  It is specifically the management interface on this switch that I'm using so I need to know if I should be using a straight through or crossover cable to connect to my management switch.

Hall of Fame Super Silver

Fastethernet0 management interface on 3750-x switch

I've always used straight through Cat 5 patch cables for those interfaces and never had any problem connecting them to other switches that way.

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