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Few questions aboud Cisco Packet Tracer


I am studend and i have few task to do in Cisco. I have commands but i don't know where i should use it or how to use it. This is why im here.

I will translate this questions tto english (best as i can). Please help me to find solution.

6) How to change a memory of command history to 20?

7) Make a student named "student". Give him appropiate premissions.

8) Turn on local login and password check for console user. (system must asking for login and password, command: login local)

9) Set messenage of the day with "your name and surname", set messenage showing before login with "write login and password".

12) Set date and hour. Show them.

14) What IOS working on your router?

15) List files in current folder. Make new folder, name them backup. Copy to backup actuall router config.




6) Command: R1#terminal history size 20
You can check it then with command: R1#show terminal

7) Command: R1(config)#username student privilege 15 secret PASSWORD
You need at first type command "configure terminal". Privilege level 15 means full admin rights - I don´t know what they request from you

8) Commands:
R1#configure terminal
R1(config)#line console 0
R1(config-line)#login local

9) Commands:
R1#configure terminal
R1(config)#banner motd #NAME and SURNAME#
You can choose more types of banner, just type "banner ?" and you will see options

12) Commands:
R1#clock set 11:00:00 1 January 2016
R1#show clock

14) Command: R1#show version
Or you can display content of flash memory (command: R1#dir flash:) where IOS is stored and you will si its name which usually contain version.

15) I don´t have packet tracer installed. I do it in GNS 3 so commands for folder creation are not supported. But they should be:
To show folder: dir flash:
To make new folder: mkdir flash:BACKUP
To backup config: copy run flash:BACKUP

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