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fibe optic connection

hi please help me,

Is there nay problem or a bad setup to connect 2 servers(with 1 gig NIC) to my 3550 switch using fiber optic connection and fiber tranceiver for the 2 servers.

I have 3 switches connected to the 3550 but my boss told me to have a good performance on the serves connect it on the gbics and do VTP and VLAN config on the 3 switches connected to 3550 L3.

please confirm if this setup is ok or any suggestion?

plese help me.

thanks all...

Community Member

Re: fibe optic connection

I'm sorry, I don't really understand your question, or how VTP and VLAN configuration applies.

You have 2 servers each with a gig nic with fiber transceivers, and you want to connect them to GBIC interfaces on a 3550? That in and of itself will be fine. You just configure the gbic interfaces with the appropriate VLAN you want them to be in, and it works just like any other switch would.

Is there something more you want to accomplish?


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Re: fibe optic connection

thanks NS,

actually my plan is to improve my network performance. I have 1 2811 router, 1 3550 and 2 2950 switch and 1 2650 switch and also 2 servers.My plan is to connect 2 2950 on a 3550 ethernet ports using cross cable and configure via VTP.I will connect 1 2650 on a 3550 ethernet ports using cross cable but can i use a VTP and Vlan for this switch (2650) only?because i need to do 2nd subnet for the users connected on this 2650 switch.

the 2 servers will connect on a 3550 gbic int. do i need to config my gbic int?

thank you very much.

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