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Fiber cabling - 1Gbps vs. 10Gbps

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on an installation in an environment with heterogeneous fiber patch panels (50 and 62.5-micron cabling) that I would like to use for switch interconnects. Currently, the 62.5-micron connections are all in use and the 50-micron connections are free.

The installation will utilize 1 Gbps transceivers (GLC-SX-MM). For staging purposes, to have the new infrastructure running side-by-side with the current one, I would like to use the 50-micron fiber connections (capable at running 10Gbps). However, it is very likely that I will have to switch to the 62.5-micron cabling once the migration is complete.

What kind of cables do I need to ensure that this works properly? The fiber panels have SC connectors.

Thanks and best regards,



Re: Fiber cabling - 1Gbps vs. 10Gbps

Hi Ade,

I am not sure if I have correctly understood your query.

If you query is whether you need to have a MultiMode or SingleMode cable, then the answer is MutiMode. 1000-BaseSX supports MMF only.

If your question is whether you can use 50-micron cable now and 62.5-micron cable later, the answer is yes. 1000Base-SX supports both.

If your question is something else, do let me know.

-> Sushil

Community Member

Re: Fiber cabling - 1Gbps vs. 10Gbps

Hello Sushil,

You understood perfectly. I just wanted to make sure that my thoughts about the transceivers were accurate.

Essentially, all I will need is to change the cable if I decide to use the older fiber cable plant, right?

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