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Fiber Optic's

Hi expert's

i need a usefull sites link or white papers; how to install fiber optic cables;how to terminate their connector's;how to install outlet;how to install patchpanel and how to do patching cable's in the port's of the patch pannel?and what is the equipment to test the installation of these cables



Re: Fiber Optic's

Hire a professional, at least to do the termination.

And IMHO, you should just hire a pro to do the whole thing.

Fiber installation is not something you can learn by description or reading a book, and in the long run, it would probably cost you as much doing it yourself ...given that there are few connectors (which cost US$5.00 - 15.00 EACH) that can be re-used if you screw up (and the ones that are are not usually for permenant installation).

No offense to your skills or learning ability but, hire someone that knows what they're doing.

Good Luck



Re: Fiber Optic's

Usually you get a contractor specilized in Fiber patching and laying as working Fiber is very sesitive.

Below you can find a good artical from Cisco that answers your question.

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Re: Fiber Optic's

10xs mhadad


Re: Fiber Optic's

You're most welcome and thanks for the rate.


bjw Silver

Re: Fiber Optic's

Also, I recommend NOT using mechanical terminations, we spec fusion splicing only, it costs though, but has been 100% reliable in our instance of several hundred terminations.

A second option would be hot-melted terminations.

B White

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Re: Fiber Optic's

Fusion splicing is not really a termination, it's a method of joining two spans of cabling.

Termination usually takes on a couple different flavors, with some vendors offering one or several of the following:

Anaerobic, where the prepared glass fiber is basically glued into the connector with a "Crazy glue / cyanoacrylic)

Thermal, where the connector is filled with a heat sensitive glue. The connectors are heated, the prepared glass fiber is inserted, and the glue is permitted to cool and bond the fiber in-place

Epoxy, where the connector is filled with the glue, then the prepared fiber is dipped into an "activator" and inserted into the body of the (glue-filled) connector. Once activated, the epoxy bonds the glass into the connector.

Mechanical,varient 1, where a pre-prepped fiber segment is already in the connector. You prep the glass fiber, and cleave it such that it will mate inside the connector, then the fiber is mechanically bound into the connector (like Siecor "Unicam")

Mechanical, varient 2, where the prepared glass fiber is inserted into (and through) the body of the connector, mechanically bound in-place, then cleaved and polished like a conventional anaerobic, thermal, or epoxy style connector.

Most of the trick to fiber termination is the preparation of the glass fiber, and the cleave & polishing steps.

If you screw any of those up, the connectors is trashed (sometimes you can re-use the termals). With connectors ~US$5.00 - 18.00 each, you learn quickly or go broke.



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