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Fiber SFP Wavelength Question

I currently have ST fiber connectors which I would like to patch into a Cisco 2960 switch with a GLC-SX-MM= SFP mini-GBIC. Can I use an ST/LC patch with a spec of 650nm? The mini-GBIC states 850nm. Any known issues?


Re: Fiber SFP Wavelength Question

Don't have practical experience with fibers but If the specification of the cable means that it can carry only the sprcified wavelength then I don't think its going to work.

Would be interested to know others openion on this.

If you already have the SFP and the cable give it a shot buddy and see if it works.

-> Sushil

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Re: Fiber SFP Wavelength Question

Hey, thanks for your help. In fact, I think I may have been mistaken. The fiber patches reference 6.25 microns not 625 nm. So, I am guessing, the mini-GBIC and the patch both use 6.25 micron fiber and that they both use a 850nm wavelength. My bad - I hope ;=(.

Thank you,


Re: Fiber SFP Wavelength Question

Yes SX SFP works with 62.5 micron as well as 50 micron at a wavelength of 850nm.

With 62.5 micron it can span up to 275mts while with 50 micron it can go up to 500 mts.

Please make sure that you have a multi mode cable.

Good luck !!!

-> Sushil

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