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Filtering Multicast sources


Does anybody know if there is a way to filter multicast sources? For example, if I only want the servers in specific subnet to be the sources of multicast traffic? In that way, not everybody in our network can be the source.

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Re: Filtering Multicast sources

You would apply a filter on the multicast RP not to broadcast for that source group.


The command example should be as shown below:

ip pim send-rp-announce ethernet0 scope 16 group-list 1

access-list 1 permit


Implement the section where it says "Filtering Incoming RP Announcement Messages" which may be a handful if you have a lot of remote sites.

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Re: Filtering Multicast sources

Thanks for the reply.

In my case, I have sparse-mode and static RP. The RP is my core switch. Then I have distribution switches with access switches connected to these. The users are in the access swithes, one subnet per switch. Ideally, I want only the application servers to be the source for multicast traffic and not the users however I want the users to be able to receive multicast traffic. In that way, I can limit multicast traffic from legitimate sources.

The example that you showed is one way to do it but I'm looking for filtering base from source address not base from multicast group range if that is possible.

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