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Find IP Address


I Have 4 cisco catalyst 3550 switches. I am attempting to find the access port through which a particular ip address is coming through. What commands can I use on the switch to find this information and trace the ip address to a physical port.

Once I know the physical port I can then trace the cable and find the device/host.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.



Re: Find IP Address then click on How do I find a device in my network?

Hope that helps.

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Re: Find IP Address

Thanks colling. Great website. I finally find the device. It was an unused ip kvm.

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Re: Find IP Address

If you know which switch the device is plugged into and know the Mac Address, it's easy to track down.

On the switch, use the command:

sh mac-addr | include xxxx.xxxx.xxxx (Mac). This will show which port the Mac Address is located on. If you know the IP address, do this:

sh arp

This will give a list of all known IPs to the switch and will also list the Mac addresses for all know IP addresses. Once you know the Mac, refer back to the first command.

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Re: Find IP Address

CAT OS is a little different (and I think that's what the question was)

Once you have the MAC address, the command is:

sho cam

BTW, the link mentioned above has been updated. It is now:

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