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find ip of host from router

If a router is connected to a network with several pc hosts and the ip of these hosts are not configured with a hostname on the router, furthermore, the mac address of these hosts are unknown, is there a way to find the ip add of a certain pc from the router console granting that this particular pc is a server (e.g. accounting server )?

I would be grateful for any info on this.

Cisco Employee

Re: find ip of host from router

The only way to know this is by checking the PC' s MAC address and then checking the ARP table on the router by using "show arp". To check the PC's mac address go to START--> RUN--> CMD-->ipconfig/all.

You can also use a freeware tool " CCgetmacaddress", this tool will give you IP by MAC or MAC by IP.

-amit singh

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Re: find ip of host from router

Is there no way to find the ip add of a server from the router without going physically to the server?

Note: The mac add of the server is unknown and no hostnames existing in the router.

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Re: find ip of host from router


Unfortunately no. The router has an arp table which maps IP addresses to mac-addresses. If you knew one you could get the other but as you don't know either it is impossible to tell.

What is it you are trying to do exactly ?



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