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Fixed ip address by DHCP

Hello all,

Is the first time I make a question here. Sorry if already was been answered but I've not found it out.

There is anyway to assign a fixed ip address using MAC-Address by DHCP server in a Cisco ASA5510? Now we have a isc-dhcp server running on a Freebsd server, but I want to change it and use the firewall instead but I would like to assign some fixed ip address based on MAC-Address for administration purposes. I don't want to use static ip address because is very annoying change the laptops from static to dhcp client every day.



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Re: Fixed ip address by DHCP


Unfortunately, the firewall does not support static address assignment. If

you have any other device (like a switch/Router), you could try configuring

that device as the dhcp server and configure manual binding.


Hope this helps.



Cisco Employee

Re: Fixed ip address by DHCP

Hello Oscar,

I have briefly skimmed over the Configuration Guide and Command References to ASA Operating System v8.2 but I was not able to find any indication of the possibility to assign constant IPs to predefined MAC addresses. I am afraid that this will not be possible. Somebody having better information please correct me!

I think that it should be stressed that the DHCP Server functionality implemented in Cisco products is quite limited. I have a feeling that I've seen a statement somewhere written by Cisco itself that for more complex requirements, customers should use external DHCP servers that are better equipped with various functions. The ISC DHCP you're using now is one of the best DHCP servers out there.

Best regards,


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Re: Fixed ip address by DHCP

Hello both,

Thanks for your help, I think I should keep the isc-dhcp server. I wanted to get rid of it, and put all together (routing, firewall and DHCP) in the ASA but if this feature is not supported, I can't.



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