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flapping between 2 Pix 515

Not sure if this is the correct forum since it involves Pix515e units. I have 2 Pix 515e f/w setup as failover pair. One day, internet was dragging, pages loading poorly.

Checked the 4006 log and it said, "Host 00:12:80:34:94:E1 in vlan 1 is flapping between port Fa4/2 and port Fa4/3."

4/2 is the primary Pix and 4/3 is the failover unit. I shut down the failover and things got back to normal. The 93:E1 is inside interface.

Could the flapping be caused by a bad NIC in the primary Pix? This happened once before in March.


Re: flapping between 2 Pix 515

It could be that, but it could also be that your Pix are fighting over the internal redundant IP for some reason. Bad or poorly connected failover cables could cause this. Please check your failover status of the redundant pair and see how much time they've each been active... they most likely are flapping back and forth because of failed communications over the failover link.

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Re: flapping between 2 Pix 515

Okay, thanks. That sounds like the most likely issue.

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