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Flashing leds to identify the switch/router

Is it possible to let all the leds flash on a router / switch with an IOS command so it can be identified in a rack?

Just curious :)


Re: Flashing leds to identify the switch/router


I didn't see this before, and frankly speaking i don't think that it can be done, but if it is not in production, you can shut down interfaces, and their leds will shutdown and thus you can identify it, but you must bare the down time.

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Mohammed Mahmoud.

Re: Flashing leds to identify the switch/router

A soft reload would also cause the LED's to go off and come on.

If you want to identify where and which switch a desktop port is connected to: you can remove the LAN cable from the desktop side and plug it back again. If portfast is not enabled you should see the port is in orange color for 50secs till it becomes green (spanning tree). I used to do this when i wanred to figure out which switch a particular port is connected to. Though you may have to repeat this quite a few times, it was an effective way to come to know the exact port on the switch.


Re: Flashing leds to identify the switch/router

If you send lot of traffic, using 1000's of pings, through an interface the LEDs will be flashing to the point it would look like it's almost solid green light. That may be one way to help identify the router/switch without taking anything down.




Re: Flashing leds to identify the switch/router

Don't think switches have anything like that . Cisco WAP's actually do have a command to flash the LED's so you can locate it .

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