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flow between 6513 and 7613

hi all,

I have 6513 in my core location connected directly with 7613. this router 7613 next connected to other WAN locations through MPLS. now problem is that i m having delay in network when i start video conferencing session between our core location and all other 20 locations. actually when i ping from router to other WAN location then it works fine but when i ping from LAN or from 6513 then i m getting too much delay. and quality of video is also not gud. Tx and Rx load is high on both devices eth interfaces and also on WAN interface. interesting thing is that on all other 20 locations Tx and Rx load is also high and having drops on all locations. i changed my interfaces on switch and router but no results.

plz help me out of this.

thanx and regards,


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Re: flow between 6513 and 7613

If interface loads are high, so much so that you're having drops, you likely need to guarantee/provide additional bandwidth for some or all your traffic. "Some or all" is an important difference to the solution. For "all", you'll likely need to acquire more bandwidth; often a lot more bandwidth. For "some", you often can use QoS to manage your bandwidth, yet may still need to aquire more bandwidth.

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Re: flow between 6513 and 7613

actually i have changed the interfaces between router and switch, both are now giga interfaces. but still now i m having drops on both int as well as on WAN int of router.from router i have no problem to ping any site.actually i m getting delay only when there is workload on interface like when i have video conference session. drops are on both router's LAN int and WAN int and also on switch's int which is connected to router.

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