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Force Factory Defaults on Every Restart

I'm about to set up a bunch of my own personal equipment in a reservation/lab type scenario that will be accessable via a web page.

I know how to reset to factory defaults on all the equipment, however, since it will be equipment that I will be allowing general users to configure, I would like to force the units into factory defaults on every restart. That way, new users/students can start fresh with no worries of an old configuration.

If this is not possible, perhaps completely disabling the ability to enter the "no service password-recovery" command on the units.

Thank you in advance for assisting me.


Re: Force Factory Defaults on Every Restart

The simple answer is to set the config register so that on a restart the config is ignored, but if you are concerned about users setting no service password-recovery, that may not be a lot of help. You may be better off with an admin/financial solution - any sets that they get a $500 bill.

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Re: Force Factory Defaults on Every Restart

Thanks for responding.

I was toying with the idea of just setting the configuration register, but it was along the same lines as the "no service password-recovery"... A user with access to those commands pretty much just make whatever safeguards I put in place to save the equipment obsolete.

I suppose you're right, in that - I'll just have to have a legal notice that if any of those commands are entered, that the users will be served with a bill for the cost of replacement.

Not so much with the config reg, but the later.

Thanks for the advice, I'll shoot with what you suggested... My target audience will be very beginner to little experienced, so maybe it won't be as bad as I'm envisioning.

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