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Forcing broadcast or multicast traffic

Is there a way to do this? I'm testing storm control on a switch.



HTH, John *** Please rate all useful posts ***

Re: Forcing broadcast or multicast traffic

For multicast traffic try MCAST or VLC. Broadcast is a little harder, Wireshark should be able to do it.

Hope that helps.

Re: Forcing broadcast or multicast traffic

How can I use Wireshark to generate a broadcast storm? And do you mean the vlc player? Also, I don't have this switch connected to anything. I have two laptops connected to it and a router that doesn't have a connection to the internet; it's strictly a lab setup. I wanted to generate enough traffic to keep the other laptop from being able to ping the router consistently. If I have to stream actual video for multicast, then that won't work because I can't put my router on the network.

Thanks Collin!


HTH, John *** Please rate all useful posts ***

Re: Forcing broadcast or multicast traffic

Honestly I've never used Wireshark to generate traffic, but I know it can. Yes I mean the VLC player, you can use it to generate a multicast stream from one of the laptops. I don't think you need the router on the network for multicast, I think you can do it with what you have. I rarely do multicast, so I'm no expert, but with IGMPv3 I think it can be done.

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