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Forward one IP to another

Ok, I have a unique situation.  I have a server that I lease that is hosted at a datacenter.  Our company is going to lease a half rack and put our own equipment in it as well as a disaster recovery site.  The problem is that the one server I mentioned has SQL on it and we have applications that were devloped in house ages ago that hit that SQL instance.  Those applications are hard coded to the IP address of that server.  We could just change it in the code, but the source code for one of the applications have disappeared over time.  Now that you know my situation, my question is this.  Can I make a NAT rule or something that says when traffic is destined for, to re-routes it to  Currently our endpoint device here is a Cisco UC520.  The other end we have no control over.  Suggestions?

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Forward one IP to another

yes or you could use a route map to amend the next hop the the SQL server you are talking about.


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Forward one IP to another

Thanks Daniel!  Does it matter that both of the IPs are public IPs on different vendor's networks?

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