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Frame Relay connetivity problem


  Router 2811   -----  IOS : c2800nm-advsecurityk9-mz.124-3i.bin   ----  NM-8 A/S

   I made these device as frame-Relay Switch for my CCIE Lab. when i conneted to port 0 / 2 / 4  the protocols does not come up.It comes for 60 sec or less then it goes down and never come up.I change frame-relay lmi-type Cisco/ansi but still same problem.

   when i run Show idb all I found S1/0 ---D,D,R Serial 1/0 (HW SB CDP(5), Serial (3) )   I had attached image.

I just want to know Is it hardware problem in port of NM-8A/S.Or it can up by using some command.

Thank in Advance


  khalid malik

  (Ministry Of Oil -Kuwait)

Cisco Employee

Re: Frame Relay connetivity problem


Using the show idb command at this moment is somewhat of an overshoot. A most probable cause of your problem is the configuration so let's start by verifying that.

If you are connecting two routers in your lab by a back-to-back serial cable and you want to run Frame Relay encapsulation between them, one of these devices must be configured as Frame Relay DCE device (note that this is different and independent from physical cabling). The router performing as the FR switch must be configured as follows:

frame-relay switching

interface Serial ...

encapsulation frame-relay

frame-relay intf-type dce

! Other commands like frame-relay route to establish PVCs

no shutdown

Is your FR switch router configured in a similar way?

Configuring a device as FR DCE causes it to respond to LMI requests sent by FR end devices. The LMI messages are used to discover the individual PVCs and their state, and they serve as a general keepalive mechanism. If the LMI requests sent from your FR end device are not replied to by your FR switch, the FR end device concludes that the FR switch is not responding and brings the line protocol down.

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