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Fully nonblocking architecture

Hi all,

I have searching some specifications details, but i'm a litle unsecure about this, so here it goes:

I'm searching for the cheapest "Fully nonblocking architecture" LAN Switch.

What i mean for "Fully nonblocking architecture", is the summary throughput of all ports (UTP-1000), being equal or smaller than the backplane/bus of the switch, never "blocking/queueing", the traffic because the out of Bandwith.

Best Regards,

Bruno Petrónio

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Re: Fully nonblocking architecture


How many ports do you need and do they all need to run at 1Gbps. The easiest way to find this information out is to go to LAN switches page and look at the data sheets for each which will give switch fabric details. As a general rule of thumb the bigger the number the more expensive ie.

a 6500 is more expensive than a 4500 which is more expensive than a 3750 etc.. although the 6500/4500 prices vary depending on which modules you need.


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Re: Fully nonblocking architecture


Thanks for your quick response.

My client need at maximum a 8 utp ports, wich means a 12/24 ports switch is more than perfect.

The only issue is, that the client is sticked in the "nonblocking" feature word in the description characteristics.

Best Regards,

Bruno Petrónio

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Re: Fully nonblocking architecture

Have you considered the 4900? I think you'll find that the 4900 packs the most punch in the 1RU arena. It's geared toward the data center.


- Iain

PS Looks like you've got even more options with the 4900M.

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Re: Fully nonblocking architecture

You didn't mention the number of ports you need nor whether you only needed L2.

Two "inexpensive" L2 switches that have gig ports, and enough forwarding rate (line speed) and backplane (32 gig) for their ports would be the 2960G-8TC-L and the 2960G-24TC-L.

See for more information.

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