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gbic upgrades

I am looking into access switches for our current network. I am looking for a switch that has the ability to upgrade to fiber if needed. I see that the 2960g has 4 dual purpose uplinks, but I do not see the gbic card prices. How much are the gbic cards to upgrade the 2960g. Would it be more cost effective to buy a 2960g and upgrade or to choose a different solution that has fiber capabilities?


Re: gbic upgrades


What is the purpose of using Fibre? Distance? Speed (10Gbps)?

If its only speed up to 1Gbps and not 10Gbps or distance more than 100meters, there are switches that comes with 10/100/1000Mbps UTP.

Take note also of the throughput. You have to estimate the throughput needed, lower end switches may have the interfaces you need but may not be able to provide the throughput that you need.



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Re: gbic upgrades

The purpose would be speed needed for future groth(10Gbps on the uplinks). I have been looking at the 3960E as an access switch over the 2960g. Could you tell me the advantages of one over the other?


Re: gbic upgrades


Why dont you tell us a little bit more about your environment? Will this access switch be used for VoIP phones in the future? Is it possible thta you may migrate the environment to a routed access layer?

Give us as much info as possible...



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Re: gbic upgrades

We will have many racks that will have 1 24port access switch per rack. The access switch will connect to a distribution switch that is connected to the core. As of right now we use 2960g switches as access switches with 2 1gig uplinks. There is going to be fiber wired to each rack for future growth if needed. I am looking for a solution that will not only sever our current needs but also our future needs as well thats why I am looking into the 10Gbps fiber uplinks. We do not manage our VoiP phones so that is not necessary and will will have no need for any PoE. As of this moment we do not plan on routing at the access layer but that may be a option down the road.

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Re: gbic upgrades

For 10 gig, your choices are more limited vs. gig.

The 3560-E is probably a very good choice with its dual 10 gig capable ports and for 24 or 48 ports.

If you have situation now, or in the near future, where you'll need more than 48 ports, you might want to look at the 3750-E since it can stack with like models or the 3750. (The latter brings the cost of the access ports down yet allows usage of the 10 gig uplinks of the 3750-E.)

For possible higher rack port density, or higher performance, you can also consider the 10 gig models of the 4900 series or the 4500 or 6500 chassis solutions.

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Re: gbic upgrades

Thank you for the information, but I would still like to know How much are the gbic cards to upgrade the 2960g?

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