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Ghostcasting and QoS


I'm trying to ghostcast across subnets. The ghostserver is connected to a 4506 Cat Switch. Most clients are connected to 3560, 3550, and 2950 switches. I know that at one building multicasting won't work becuase multicasting has to be turned on. We have though in the past been able to use directed broadcast with the ghostcast server app. It has worked well. I'm wondering if it is possible that our new QoS could be keeping the service to actually run. The error message I get is "waiting for ghostcast server to start" which means the computers are connected to the server without problems, but the traffic isn't making it across the subnet. We don't have any traffic policing/shaping. Our VOIP traffic is given priority. Or possibly ACL policies. Although I dont' think so. Any help is appreciated.


Dan Christ

Manteno CUSD#5

Manteno, IL


Re: Ghostcasting and QoS

know that the Ghosting control channels are and the data is sent to other multicast addresses that are ramdom within a particular range.I found the Symantec Ghost Implementation Guide:

Chapter 14 talks about GhostCasting and IP addresses but I could not find anything there about

what multicast addresses are used to multicast data after the control session are set up. I spoke to my friend who told me that is is possible to configure what mcast addresses are used on the Ghost Servers to send data to and that otherwise the mcast address is rendomly chosen from a known range.

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Re: Ghostcasting and QoS

Thanks so much for the info! I'll check into it. It has been tricky in the past for them to ghost. I just started here and in the past they have used directed broadcast. But that isn't good for large labs. We would much rather prefer using multicasting.

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