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Giant Counters on show int

Running a 6509E ver 12.2 (33) SXH, with the default setting for MTU (9216 on all switch ports) and set consistently throughout the configuration. the devices directly attached have 8000 configured as MTU (these are a Sun E25K and a NetApp filer). The ports in question are on WS-6708-10GE blade.

I see a large number of Giant frames on the show interface, see the following: (Commas inserted, wouldn't it be nice if Cisco did that?)

1,861,520 packets input, 8,196,321,092 bytes, 0 no buffer

Received 9 broadcasts (0 multicasts)

0 runts, 1,199,907 giants, 0 throttles

The docs that I have read indicate that the number of Giants indicates the number of packets dropped because they exceeded MTU. Traffic is flowing through as would be expected so there is no way all these packets are dropped.

Has anyone seen this? I am assuming it is normal but want to be sure nothing funny is happening.

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Re: Giant Counters on show int

I believe the default mtu is 1548 unless you configure jumbo. Configure jumbo on the ports connected to the clients and see if that solves your giants issue.

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Re: Giant Counters on show int

Just to clarify, the data is flowing through the switch with no problems. So the counter looks to be recording the actual number of frames, not the number being dropped as the docs indicate.

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