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New Member

Giants of L3 interface - intermittent connection

Hi All,

Have any of you experienced giants on an L3 interface before?

We have a 6506 connected to a 6504 via Layer 3. There is a passive IPS in-line between the two. We are getting intermittent results when we ping the point-to-point ip address and the traffic through this link is slow. We observed that there are giants on the interface. The MTU is the same for both interfaces. We tried removing the cable but when we placed back the very same cable, the giants were gone, and the connection stabilize. After a week the problem returned. Any suggestion? We also tried a different cable after that. I thought giants are commonly observed on L2 trunk interfaces because of tagging and ethernet headers. I've never experienced them in L3 before.

New Member

Re: Giants of L3 interface - intermittent connection

BTW, I'm suspecting the IPS but there is another setup with the same configuration without problems. And I was told the IPS is not doing any packet/frame manipulation.

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